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Detours: Unexpected Lessons from Life's Twists & Turns

Before the mighty work of God's deliverance of the Israelites began, God allowed His people to be brought low. And I mean REALLY low. They were crushed, broken, and defeated. 

Why would God work in this way? And when have you felt like this before?  In Scripture we find that this progression is pretty common: Often before God delivers justice and restoration, it is preceded by intense discouragement and trial.

God always works for the good of those who love him, yes, but even more importantly, God works to display His ultimate glory.

What hardship may have been raised up in your life in order that God's name may be proclaimed?

The Testimony of a 28-year-old

Though my daily steps might have seemed unexpected, God’s pull on my heart has remained the same.

As I enter my 28th year, I find myself in a place that is both something I could never have dreamed or imagined for myself, yet also a product of the path God has consistently had me on for so long. I find myself bearing scars I never expected to carry, yet full of a joy that could not have been gained any other way. And though parts of my journey have not looked anything like I may have imagined, I praise God daily for the incredible work He has done throughout my life, and for the grace and goodness He has poured out on me. 

This is my family. These are my friends.

 These are the gladiators, advancing the front lines of the Kingdom of Heaven in Cambodia. These are the children, once with everything stacked against them, now standing renewed and with a second chance - a living, breathing illustration of Christ’s redemptive action in every one of our lives. And we are their friends. Blessed to know them, challenged by their example, and committed to have a bit of fun while we are here, to offer as much encouragement as we can, and to try to convey the amount of love we have for them in our hearts.